1. it takes a lot to ask another person for help.






    The donate button…

    while I am still somewhat apprehensive of even initiating this option I am unfortunately forced to do so because my financial situation has become quite dire in the last few weeks/days.

    Some of you are aware of my situation but for those who are not, here is a quick brake down:

    1. My current roommate did not pay rent last month and informed me this morning that he is moving out. Meaning I will also not receive this months rent from him. While I will find somebody else to move in to his room, I won’t be able to find somebody overnight & I obviously don’t have the means to cover this months’ rent since him not paying put me in the hole last month already. He claims that he will pay me back on the 22 when he gets his check but that does not help me pay rent NOW. Today is the 8th & my landlord has told me that he won’t evict me immediately because I haven’t been late with rent since I moved here 2 years ago. But this is the most imminent issue.

    2. The bat mobile, my rusty swiss cheese of a minivan is falling apart at its seams (we used it to drive through the flood in Iowa to help flood clean up) & I’m not even fantasizing about fixing the AC or the broken window, but the breaks, yeah they are kind of important. So I need to fix those. I have in the last few months sunk about $500 into repairing this car, some of you saw my post about my exhaust literally falling off whilst driving because it was so rusty.

    Now, I’m an adult & I should be able to pay for all of this myself, you are right. But I am a recent graduate and have unfortunately not found any work in my industry yet (Interior Architecture). I freelance but that is not nearly as fruitful as expected and I have been a nanny for a family for the past almost 2 years on the weekends. However the children are now going to mandarin school on Sundays so I lose half of my income & with school loan payments starting to rain down on me, my roommate skipping out on me with a raised middle finger & my car decomposing I just don’t know what else to do but reach out to you.

    I don’t want anybody to feel pressured or conned into helping me & please, do not give anything above your means. I appreciate anything. Seriously a dollar will make my heart glow, just because I know somebody tried. And if enough people give a small amount then I won’t have to worry about anything!

    Of course I can also take requests for pictures or tutorials, videos etc. as thank you’s for donations. In any case there will be, as always, no nudity.

    If you have read this far then I want to deeply thank you for just donating your time. This alone means a lot to me.

    If you are able to donate you can click on my main page and simply click the donate button!

    Vielen lieben Dank,

    Thank you!

    Yours truly.

    How do I donate

    You can click the link below to donate
  2. And this may be my final posting ever.

    Thank you for coming out…

    God bless,




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  3. This is CRAZY dope.

    I need one.




    I am totally in love with this collaboration @thenublk

    A spin-off TV series that should have happened, the Vivian & Clair T-Shirt is an homage to arguably the flyest mothers ever to grace the TV screen.

    Stylish and witty, they possessed an equal measure of beauty & brains and became an inspiration for a generation of kids growing up in the 80s and 90s.

    Purchase here


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  4. I want some muthafucking chips.



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  5. respect the architect.










    Today would have been Mr Rogers’ 84th birthday.  Thanks for showing me how to rock a cardigan and always been a kind neighbor.  

    true story:

    one time some dudes stole mr. rogers’s car, and it got into the news, like you’d expect

    the next day the car was back where he’d left it with a note that said “we’re so sorry, we never would’ve taken it if we’d known it was yours”

    I like to think they recognized this as a sign from god and turned their lives around

    another true story: mr. rogers lobbied in favor of vcrs back when the tv and movie industries were against them, because he wanted families to be able to record shows and watch them together

    he was always, always thinking about children, letting them know it’s okay to be sad or scared or mad and how to deal with it, letting them know there’s at least one person in the world who loves them just the way they are

    and no matter who you were, no matter why you crossed his path, he wanted to know about your life and understand you and be your friend

    I believe he is a for-real saint and I wish I could be more like him but it’s okay, I know he loves me just the way I am

    Another true story: one time he received a letter from a blind girl who mentioned that she gets nervous sometimes that he’d forget to feed the fish.  From that moment on, he made some comment outloud about how he was feeding the fish so she and any other blind viewers would know that he hadn’t forgotten. 

    Always reblog Mr. Rogers.

    i’m actually crying you don’t understand

    I loved when he used to change his shoes and/or shirt. Those were the times.

    I’m smiling so much you have no idea. This man is wonderful. I wish I could be like him.

    I love him so much.  an incredible inspiration.


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  6. i dont even care if she can cook or not.

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  7. yes please.

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  8. Marv Vs Food

    Motown Coney Island

    Detroit MI 

    Man…the title of “Coney” doesnt do this restaurant justice.

    Their menu is SUPER extensive.

    This meal has had me right ALL day.

    Four HUGE pieces of fried chicken…


    and an apple waffle.

    all for UNDER twenty chuckas fucka.

    this was a win.

  9. Kristen Wiig.

    Yes please.

    Adrienne is my Kristen Wiig.



  10. Marv V Food

    I’m stuffed.

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